UN Office on Counter-Terrorism


Our names are Vidhya Jeyadev and Henry Wu and we will be chairing the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism (UNOTC) at OSUMUN 2019. In this background guide, we will not only detail the topics of debate for this committee at, but also give some background to the aims and practical tools of the UNOTC itself.  In this committee, delegates will represent member nations of the United Nations and work together to create impactful and diplomatic solutions to the pressing issues of terrorism and international security.

We would encourage delegates to use this guide along with their own research to thoroughly explore and understand the topics that will be discussed, as it will help enhance their experience at OSUMUN 2019, and the committee as a whole. As the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism, delegates will be expected to create innovative and lasting solutions to complex world issues, all while in keeping in mind the principles of national sovereignty and diplomacy that represent the core of the UN.

Background Guide

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