Fall of The Ottoman Empire

ottoman empire.jpeg

The Balkans in 1912 remain a power vacuum of epic proportions, as every world power and ethnic group seeks to assert its sway and has turned the whole region into a powder keg. Following the weakness displayed in the Russo-Turkish War, the different Balkan countries have successfully rebelled against the Turks and broke off to become independent one by one. The Ottomans, now labeled, “the sick man of Europe,” have undergone drastic changes as a group called, “The Young Turks,” have swept into power promising a more modern empire with national pride, turning their fire on the Armenians. The Ottomans still have a foothold in Europe and an emboldened Balkan League comprised of many of their former subjects has been formed to liberate their ethnic brethren, if only they can agree on which region belongs to who.

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